Got to be perfect?

Hello everybody!

Well, I’ve had quite a day, talking with you guys through email.   The only problem is when I ask you to respond through email, then no one else can see what you have to say, and don’t get to benefit from your perspective.

Even if you don’t think you have anything to contribute, like “Well, I have problems of my own.”   Actually… it can be extremely helpful for others to read where you’re at, what you had to overcome and just sense the REAL you.

You know what I love?

I realize when I look at my friends, they are all so REAL.   Not perfect.  Pretty weird actually.   They are raw.   Real.   I would talk about them, and people are shocked.   Seems normal to me because they are my friends.

Anyway, I bet you can relate.    If you have chosen this profession, you aren’t normal.

We want more from life.   We want to see it, experience it, and live it all.

We want to leave this earth all used up.

Yeah, the realness of us, the vulnerability, is so attractive.   It’s what makes us close.

So, in the upcoming free training, I’m going to be very real.   Vulnerable.  You may not believe what I share with you.

But I don’t care.   

You won’t learn as much if I try to be perfect.   It’s not as fun either.

You don’t want to try to be perfect and I don’t want you too.

It gets good in my mentorship program (the paid one) when people stop trying to look good and say things like, “Janet, I f-ed up.   I got so scared.   I drove the production truck into a parking garage that was too low, and Janet, I got it stuck.   It was awful.   This white guy came out and was yelling and trying to get the police to give me a ticket, and this other security guy was just trying to get me unstuck, and I just wanted to hide.  OMG.”

Another guy, “Janet, I went around the corner and the gas can was in the back seat, and I dumped gas all over the director’s shoes.  OMG.  the whole car stunk so bad and I had to pick up agency and bring them to this fancy restaurant, and…”

OMG, do you know how many stories I’ve heard on set about people crashing Director’s red convertibles, and showing up 2 hours late because overslept?

How bout the time when the new guy showed up at location, and took a dump in the motorhome.   Except this wasn’t the production motorhome.  It was someone’s personal motorhome on the street!   Oops!   

Oh, the one where someone showed up early and had to go, so they took a dump in the toilet on set.   Except it wasn’t a real toilet, it was part of the set!   It had to stay there all day with everyone working around it.    ahahahaha!   Gross!   But hilarious!

Dude.   Stuff is going to happen.

You are going to be scared.

You’re going to say the wrong thing.    And the right thing.   And the sideways thing.

But hopefully you will watch out for those fake toilets now.


It’s gonna be spectacular.

OK, gotta hit the hay.  I’m headed to Universal Studios tomorrow, stage 18 again.   We always seem to shoot in Stage 18!   So, if you’re in the area, stop on by!

Talk soon!


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