Actors, Do what you LOVE & make your acting career take off through JOBS & "industry" connections!


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You are about to learn the "secret way in" to the
film industry that you've never heard before . . . 

You might think you have to resign yourself to a life of a struggling actor, going to endless auditions, always trying to get there . . . 

But I will tell you, you really can become an in-demand actor and do it in a much faster way . . . while you make a great living in the entertainment business.  

It requires an "out of the box" thinking and a "go getter" attitude, but it is possible and so much faster.

I will tell you . . . What we’re doing right now,  no one is doing.   It really is the secret ‘way in’.   

Once you join us, you'll see!   There are videos posted all over our site of our people WORKING in the business and you can talk to everybody on our facebook fan page!   We are getting our Actors ON SET, earning $150-200/ day.   Week after Week.   

So, if you want to know how you can become an in-demand and work all the time in the film industry, join us and I’ll send you the 'Inside Actor' short course.   

You'll learn a real BACKDOOR into the film industry, where you can start off making $150-200/day, get on the Inside & accelerate your career faster than anything you can imagine.   

If you're a "go getter" who has been working hard to make it as an actor, then you should join us and learn our approach.  If you've never taken any action towards your goals and are relying on HOPE, then this is not for you.

Friends in Film is a tight, motivated group & we're growing fast!   If you're motivated and serious about your career, then I welcome you to join us & download the course.

P. S. There are so many scams out there.   This is not one of them.  First off, I protect my people from scams.  I've got several articles on my website.   Secondly, I teach you how to get into the film industry yourself, I want you to have the power, the knowledge, so the scams just seem SILLY.    (Once you're in the business & come across these companies, you just laugh at how ridiculous their claims are!   Remember, you never pay up front for representation!!!)