Fear of failure?

During the Career on Fire training, I ask everyone to share what they are certain about, what they are uncertain about and what are their underlying fears around their uncertainties.

Here is what Sarah wrote:

“I am certain I like talking to people. I am certain I am a quick learner.

I am uncertain about my ability as an actor. I am uncertain about my motivation. I am uncertain about my future.

I am afraid I will fail. I am afraid I am not good enough. I am afraid I will never live up to my potential.”

Do you feel this way too sometimes? All of her fears stem from a fear of failure. Such a common fear!

The thing is, everyone fails! Life is all about failing and then trying again. If people gave up the first time they failed, we wouldn’t have the light bulb or peanut butter. (I personally love peanut butter and the ability to see at night, so that would have been a real shame!)

Every time we fail we learn something new – about the thing we’re trying to do, about ourselves, about the world around us. Without failure there is no growth.

If we let the fear of failure keep us from trying things, we will be immobilized and will never really get to experience our dreams.

Without leaping into the unknown we never get to discover new ideas, places, things.

I for one, embrace failure because I embrace change and new adventures! : – )

Are you going to sit on your couch afraid to fail or are you going to run out your door and take on the world?

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