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I went into this program focused on revamping my artistic nature to see the beauty in the stories around me. To use others stories as my inspiration to begin expressing myself visually.

I overlooked my own story.

I neglected to see, really SEE how much I have accomplished in my own right.


Prior to FIF I was working overtime, tons of it to pay bills and eliminate debt. The savings was for the future of my family and traveling for me. I wanted a new outlook on life and a desire to plunge back into the world of film after a 4 year hiatus. I was lost as to how to get back there. I was ready for new everything, friends, crew and experiences.

A good friend sent me the link to FIF and I was skeptical. I joined the career on fire training and received some great insight into the film world. I knew I needed a mentor and, “This was it!” I thought after finishing the week long session. Then a slight depression settled in after viewing the pricing.

One year later my finances had increased and debt dramatically decreased allowing me to invest in myself and bring my confidence to a spectacular level through FIF.

Realizing a successful career is about 95% mental and it takes more time to strengthen the muscles in your brain then your body. I had my health and my family health on track and getting better day by day, however I forgot to add my own mental health into the mix.

FIF helped me become LIA instead of the robot drone that worked a corporate 9 to 5, groceries, family time, cooking, friends time, working out and back to work, day in and day out. SO exhausted.

My future is brighter and these daily tasks now include more self reflection, boosting my mental and emotional state. Those that love me have noticed this change and recognize my ambitious nature has returned. Most importantly I see it. I FEEL it!


Peace and love,

Lia E.
(Tampa, Florida)

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