Discovering Who You Are And Getting Into Film

Becoming an actress is all about discovering who you are and getting into film. A-list Mentor Lera emphasizes that in order to become a great actress, it’s crucial to know who you are. Her acting coach is Giles Foreman, the same instructor who taught Michael Fassbender, Tom Hardy, and Emilia Clarke.

Knowing who you are guarantees you will be authentic in your performance. There are a lot of people who will try to tell you who you are, people who don’t know any better. Lera says when you are starting out, your compass might be a little bit shaky. You might be inclined to listen to anyone for direction, thinking they know better, but they can derail you.

Authenticity for an actress is crucial for success.

Before you ask anyone who you are as an actress, think about who you are and answer it the best you can. There will still be things you don’t know, so go find yourself a good acting coach. A lot of people who say they can teach acting really can’t. Research teachers and find out who they have taught. When you work with great teachers, you get a taste of how it’s supposed to be.

Lera had the opportunity to work with Larry Moss, who taught Leonardo DiCaprio.

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These great instructors can be available to you too if you have the drive and know how to find them. Be on a path to self-discovery, learn  how to find great acting coaches, and navigate the nuances of casting.

You can ask the great acting coaches what you should work on. They will be able to help you further discover who you are. Great coaches have unconventional solutions, including suggestions from everyday life that can help you improve your performance. Lera’s acting coach told her to improve her focus by playing tennis, and it worked. Acting is all about creating, and no one should be surprised when creative solutions lead to breakthroughs in performance.

The film industry is a lot of creative problem solving. Many ways of problem solving in film are unique to the industry. Develop creative problem solving skills for the film industry to advance your career.

The process of discovery will happen all your life, so you won’t just go in for a few acting classes and be done. The more you practice, the better you will know yourself.

You can ask your acting coaches how they see you at all stages of your career.


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