How to get into your Niche?

Ariana S.

Hey Folks!

Janet and I came up with a list of questions that you can use to help you get into the niche you want!

You’re going to ask these questions to the people within and the head of the department you’re interested in working with!

These questions are designed to find out what exactly these people are expecting and looking for when they hire their team.

1. If I was working for you as a ______ what would make me exceptional?

2. What do you think would be the most helpful to you so I can be a successful ________?

3. What do you wish people would know to help out with this job?

4. What do you think is very important for me to know so that I can be the most helpful to you?

5. Is there anything I need to be very fast at?

6. Is there anything that would be very helpful if I understood this completely?

7. Are there any other tips that you have that can add to my knowledge?

8. Is there anything that I need to know so I can be the best at this job?

9. If I’m an aspiring ______ what are some things I need to know working as a ______?

10. What is the most important thing as far as being a ______ in doing the job?

11. What are some of the mistakes I want to avoid working as a _____?

12. What are some thing I should definitely do as a _____?

13. What should I invest in to help me become successful in this job?

14. What resources would you recommend me going to, to improve my craft?

I asked some of these questions to the Producer I worked with this week. “Do you have any advice for an aspiring Producer?”

1. Learn all about grip/camera gear (because that’s what you’ll be adding to your budget on a project).
2. Know every department and how they’re important to the production. (So you know how each department head should spend and invest wisely).
3. Anticipate any issues that might arise when planning logistics.
4. Make a list of people that have an exceptional work ethic. (You’ll be in charge of crewing up, so you want to find the best people to be on your team).
5. Always stay focused and constantly check up on your team.
6. Keep everyone on schedule.


Lily Z.

Hey camera people! I’m getting the chance to pull focus as an AC tomorrow. Does anyone have any advice? Today, I was working as a PA for a small shoot and the DP asked if I was interested in camera. I said yes so I was promoted! :)

Goran M.

If you have time to rehearse and have marks would be great!

You see where the actors are and then you do a critical focus on them and then you mark on your ring!

And then second and then third :) also create a visual landmarks of a distance from different objects to tour camera, how far are things from your! Like if there is a bench how far is from the lens!

You wanna have enough do you can have a better idea of the distances but also be carful not to have to manny so you don’t get to confused! So I would say 3-6 points is good starts!