Do you know how to get consistent work in today’s film industry?

Newsflash: The film industry has changed. With the advancement in digital technology and the boom in streaming channels, production is spread out with leaner, multi-camera, non-union shoots.

It’s time to start your acting career the 21st-century way. This Mini-Course will show you how people are recognized as good and get hired inside a competitive industry.

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Above: Easy-to-consume videos in a playlist for both Actors and Filmmakers.

What You’ll Learn in the Mini-Course:

There are new faces being casted every day for Netflix, Amazon, Apple, Disney, HBO, and Hulu. To get selected for roles by these big streaming services, we’ll show you…

  • How to find small shoots to get experience on and build your credits.
  • How to use that experience to make a resume that has everything professionals are looking for.
  • How to use that resume and build a reel to get professional acting and VO jobs.

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Sign up for the FREE Mini-Course

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