Avoiding a common career-killing pitfall

Some people break into film and work for a while without avoiding a common career-killing pitfall. They expect to move up into their craft and have a successful career in film. When some people get stuck, they think film school might help them. Film school can lead to debt and frustration. Others work with a particular acting agent or director or other professional for months or years. That may provide a steady income for a time until that professional moves on.

You don’t want to be dependent on a few professionals for your success. Reliance on a few key people is one of the most common pitfalls you can fall into. It’s often why, for example, some actors are famous for a time. They get forgotten, only to become one of those, ‘whatever happened to so and so’ stories.

Anyone can fall into this pitfall; actors, directors, producers, camera, it doesn’t matter who.

Be a film professional who gets work often from a wide net of professionals. Having many connections is the surest way you will always be working and moving up in your craft.

Especially as you move higher and higher, there are fewer opportunities. A wide net of connections becomes crucial to becoming one of the few top professionals.

It will help if you know what craft you want to do. This way, professionals recognize you for your work. When you know what you want, insiders will know how to help you get there.

Some people know they want to work in film but they don’t know what craft. If this is you, you will want to get on set as a production assistant. This is a job that supports the entire production. You will have the opportunity to see and experience all of the crafts in action.

Most people start as a production assistant.

When your on set, you have the opportunity to cast a wide net with film professionals.

With a wide network, you won’t be a production assistant for very long. You can move into your craft because you’re connected with professionals.

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