Hello all!   I just finished a kick butt week.   We did another round of the ATT commercials where Beck (the actor) sits around a table with little kids in a classroom and they say funny things.    3 days, 60 kids, 14 hour days.    Exhausting but it went sooo smoooth.

That felt great.   Then did a Dodge commercial.   A new Director for me.

What has happened is that I’ve landed a production company that is now become one of the busiest in the country.    I somehow won over all their Producers, and now I am first call for all of their Directors.   Incredible.    So, I am working for them every week.

I also charge them twice what I used to charge.   So, I am working twice as much, making twice as much.    How did this happen?

Well, I’ve changed.   I stopped grabbing for it so much.   I stopped trying so hard.

In a nutshell, back when I wanted more business, I worried a lot more.

“How can I make sure they like me and remember me.”
“How can I get more business?”
“What if I have an accident and can’t work?”
“What if people all of a sudden stop hiring me?”
“What will I do then?   It’s all so relationship based, do I have that great of relationships?”

Who is that churning those thoughts?   Not the powerful Janet.

So, who was running the show during that time?   The unsure, uncertain Janet.

So, it took me look at this, and seeing it, and now I don’t listen to that Janet much.

And looking back, she didn’t get me to where I am today.    Because… who wants to be around that Janet?

So, I had a breakthrough.

I stopped trying to control the outcome of everything.   I caught myself worrying and realized that I’m just trying to protect myself.

But I realized that the way to growth is knowing that it’s not certain.   You take actions as your best self and things unfold.   Breakthrough.

I’m committed to get you on that same path.

Most of us “worry” about things like:

Will I ever make it?
When will I ever make it?
Am I good enough to make it?
Will I run out of money while trying to make it?
Am I doing the right things to make it?

Sound familiar?

But, there is another side to every one of us.

That is the side of us that has kicked ass in the past.

Gone traveling to far away places.

Stood up for something they believed in.

Did something they never did before.  Like produce a film.

That side is also there and we are proud of it.

So, which side is running the show on a day to day basis for you?

Both, you may say…

But, if you become aware of the thoughts running through your mind, are they thoughts that come from worry?  Am I doing the right thing?  Am I enough to get to where I want to be?

That is your lower self and it’s not a joyful place to create from.

Feel me?

There is a way to look at this differently, and for me, it was an enormous breakthrough.

We’re going to go there now with you all.

Now, I’m going to a pool party.   A production supervisor who I LOVE and have known for 10 years, is having a party at his house for his birthday.
We are all going to play in the pool.

His wife assured me that the water was going to be like bath water.    YEY!