Are you supporting your friends?

This post is by one of our regular members, John Henry Soto.

As he said in his email to me: “I don’t like to put any importance on haters but this I needed to get out. I’ve been having some amazing success lately and even though I haven’t announced any recent successes publicly, somehow the haters are feeling it!! LOL!!”

Here is his post:

There’s a strange judgmental environment in the artist world. I’m feeling it more these days through some messages I’ve been getting the last few months from “artists”.

I just want to say this. The artists that doesn’t support other artists no matter the genres is not really creating at their highest potential and will be running into walls for their whole career.

If you’re hating someone who’s starting to find success, that’s fastest way to find failure or you’ll struggle for years.

Your insecurities on your own talents will never dampen those that are creative and work hard to shine.

Most of those that do shine, use that light to brighten others.

Wake up and get on board or this industry will push you to the curb.

No one likes a hater unless their a fictional character on TV. Don’t be fictional.

This is the only post worthy of my attention on this subject for now. If you’re feeling this too and need assistance, message me.” JHS

John Henry Soto

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