AFRAID it’s not gonna work? Negative Thoughts When Trying To Get Into The Film Industry

Are you afraid it’s not gonna work? Negative thoughts when trying to get into the film industry can hamper your self-confidence. You want to stay motivated. Goran is one of many success stories coming out of Friends in Film and even he had trouble taking the first step. Fear of failing is one of the biggest things that stop people from living their dream life.

Everyone who has ever succeeded at anything had negative thoughts. It’s simply human nature. We all have our fears of failing. We all deal with lapses in our self-confidence.

It’s normal, but don’t make it something that stops you. Pursue your career in the film industry anyway.

Goren is a wildly successful director of photography. He saw ads for Friends in Film for six months in Facebook. He knew he would be interested in doing it. Goren waited because he was afraid he would fail. He wondered who he would be if he tried the FIF Craft Certification program and it didn’t work out.

He only wishes he had clicked on the ad sooner.

Understand human nature. Everyone has fears of failure. Everyone has negative self-talk. Everyone doubts themselves. It’s not only you.

There is only one difference between you and film industry insiders. They went for it. Believe it or not, they still feel fear when they walk onto a set for the first time and every time.

Even insiders feel afraid of failure. They have deadlines and budgets to meet.

Their fears don’t go away, but they learn to work with their mindset so it doesn’t get the better of them.

A positive mental state when you walk on set is crucial for your success. When you bring good energy to set, everyone wants to work with you. Soon, you’ll be networking and moving up. You’ll go fast in your career.

The fear is still there, but you’ll learn to work through it. When you ask yourself empowering questions, you build your self-confidence and your motivation.

Ask yourself if you want a life in the film industry. The answer, of course, is yes. That’s an empowering question. That’s a good question for the right mindset.

Ask another. Ask yourself if you enjoy being around fun people. Again, the answer is yes.  There are plenty of fun people working in the film industry.

You can succeed in the film industry. Work through your fear and go forward with positive energy. All you have to do is take the first step.


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