Accelerate Your Acting Training

You can accelerate your acting training when you do what successful actors do. You want to model them, to do what these professional actors did. Especially if you’re over 25 years old, you need to get moving in the right direction with an accelerated plan.

Look at the actors around you in the acting schools you go to and ask yourself if it looks like they are likely to get the part they want. Maybe, just maybe, a few of those people get small roles. That’s not breaking into the business, though, that’s a one off chance that doesn’t lead to greater things. Even worse, those schools can saddle you with massive debt.

The story of the small-time actor who never makes it big is a cliché, one that gets re-told like stale re-runs. These people are the outsiders. Most actors wanting to get into the industry belong to the outsiders.

You don’t want to be an outsider. Success does happen. Actors do land lead roles, so do what they do instead.

The big mistake unsuccessful actors make is that they think they need to go to an expensive school in order to get skills, hoping that someday they will be good enough to be discovered by major productions.

You need to get into the film industry and take the workshops actors in the industry learn from. There aren’t that many, so you need to find out about them. The only way you find out about them is to be in the film industry.

The film industry is a people first business, not a skills first business. It’s not obvious to most actors struggling to break in, but it’s true. The business is unlike most other industries on the planet. Most other professions hire based on education and experience. The film industry hires based on who you know. It’s a networking business.

That’s why entertainment insiders are called insiders. Insiders are people who are in the know. That doesn’t only mean actors, it means everyone from producers to camera people to art department, and yes, casting directors. People refer people, and most of your opportunities will come from the people you know from the inside.

You want to be an insider, but to be an insider you need to get inside.

Accelerate your acting career by finding the classes the insiders take. These classes can be found at camera houses, sound houses, and film houses. You can find your connections and peers at those places, and become an insider.


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