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Who is Janet?
Note:  This is the boring, respectable version of my bio.   For the real dirt on me, click here to read this.

ju-name is an Emmy award winning filmmaker who teaches a very effective method for breaking into the entertainment industry and becoming “in demand”.

She started 15 years ago in the film industry, without going to film school and worked her way up, starting from knowing no one… to the highest level work in the industry.

She has travelled the world for National Geographic, won an Emmy for National Geographic, and works regularly with the biggest celebrities in Hollywood.

Janet grew up in a small Norwegian town in Wisconsin and now lives in Los Angeles where she spends much of her time working on film sets all over Los Angeles with creative, like-minded people, who are at the top of their game.


Is this for me?

If you've never worked a hard day in your life, this is not for you.  Film shoots are often 12+ hours.  Also, you need to be able to drive.  And, in most cities like Los Angeles, you need a car.  Finally, you may find that you don't like working in the film industry!  The film industry is mostly FREELANCE.  You work on projects, on shoots for days, months, even years, but nothing is guaranteed.  A show may cancel, production may choose to not hire you again, it's freelance.  

Here's the disclaimer:  You may do everything I suggest here on the site and still not have the success you're looking for.   It's not up to me, it's up to the people who hire... I can show you how to get the experience they're looking for, teach you what to do on set, help you understand the unions, SAG, business structure, help you with networking, looking professional on set, and still there is no guarantee that you'll ever get into the film industry.   However, I believe that good, capable people do rise to the top.   And that nothing stops those people.  If that's you, you are in good company here.    Questions?   Come on to our Facebook fan page and ask me!   ;-)