Your Current Job Will Get you into the Film Industry!

Here are three reasons why your current job will get you into the film industry! Yes, you already have certain skills that will help you get there.

Someone recently asked me whether their current job can help them break into film. The regular work-a-day world and the world of film seem so different one might think they happen on different planets. It’s true that the film industry is unique. It’s one of the reasons I love it so much.

In certain key ways, the film industry is down to Earth.

Most people aren’t doing the kind of work they would like to be doing. This creates ‘negative drive’, the motivation to get out of the situation one is in. Even if you are lucky enough to be satisfied or even happy with your work, you still need to get out of your comfort zone to start a career in film. You’ve probably held more than one job, and each time you had to get out of your comfort zone to find a new job. Every time you learn a new skill, or work with new people on your current job, or switch jobs, or move to a different city for work, you are in a new situation.

The film industry is the work of dealing with new situations every single day, right from the first day on set.

Most people work for a living in order to support their families and pay their bills. It’s called ordinary life, the real world. The real world motivates you to do things every day that you don’t want to do. You do what it takes. Maybe you are doing boring work, or maybe your commute is rough. Perhaps you have to get up early and stay late, or your job requires you to weather the elements. You do all of these things, and more, every day.

Doing what you have to do is a basic skill that is highly valued on set. The power-players in the industry will recognize you for your drive and desire to succeed.

Professionals in the film industry also do what it takes. The only difference between them and you is that many of them love! love! love! their work. Doing what it takes to get that perfect shot becomes like play, and not a J-O-B.

Imagine your life on set.

In your regular job, you also interact with people. You interact with them in person, or on the phone, or over the computer. You are in situations at work where you have to make someone happy. You need to communicate effectively, and take responsibility for the job you do. Your ordinary job has already prepared you with the basic skills to deal with professionals on set. How much you work in the industry depends on how you interact with people. You’re already halfway there.

Love your film career and love your life.

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