Working With Rude Producers And Directors In Film

There are going to just be some of those days when new production assistants are working with rude producers and directors in film. Rude professionals can come off as arrogant and egotistical. Production assistants who learn to be sensitive to the pressures of a film set can win over the toughest people.

People starting out in the film industry are often afraid of how they will look to others on set. So many concerns run through their minds. It can be anything from worrying if they are doing their job right to hoping people simply like them.

Then they run into producers or directors who seem rude, arrogant, egotistical, mean, short tempered – fill in the blank with any bad personality trait.

Then the new production assistant does something they should never do. They take it personally.

Don’t be that production assistant. Don’t take anything on set personally.

Anyone starting out in the film industry needs to learn quickly why nothing is personal. New production assistants need to know how to behave on set and work with rude professionals. The way newbies respond can make or break a career.

It’s the difference between advancing fast into a career and getting stuck at entry-level jobs for years and years.

Have insider insight into the workings of the film industry before stepping on set. Top film professionals, even the rude ones, seek out new people who have an edge. Those who have an edge get ahead.

The film industry is all about networking and referrals. New people can get noticed by top professionals, even the rude ones! The rude ones sometimes have the most valuable connections.

The more production assistants understand set pressures, even those that happen before anyone steps on set, the easier it is to deal with rude people.

The more they know, the better they can respond.

Production assistants who understand what a producer or director does to get the set ready understands the pressures already mounting once everyone gets to set.

Know the bigger picture where others only see the set once they get there. Be with the power players. They are solution minded.

Those top film professionals usually don’t show appreciation on set, but they often notice.

Anticipate what a producer or director needs, saving valuable time.

People will be rude on set. That’s because everyone is under a lot of pressure. Later, at the wrap party, everyone is friends again like nothing happened.

Make it to the wrap party. Discover how to work with rude producers and directors.

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