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Before Friends in Film I was working at a desk job making decent money with benefits. But I was counting down the days to my pension like everyone else. The gray walls and desks were starting to get to me. The routine of every day clocking in and out with my badge was running me down slowly.

Then I found Friends in Film. It was so great! I needed to hear that there was someone out there who believed that I could change my life! It was an awakening for me!

I loved that Janet was there from the beginning, in the calls and in emails. I’ve been part of other online learning programs and the “live calls” are always recorded, the “live chats” are always with random people you’ve never heard of, and the emails are always spam bots. With Friends in Film, it’s different. Janet is really there!

This program is great because it showed me how to get into the film industry while at the same time, creating a new me. I love that sense of personal and business growth. I found FIF at a low point in my life and now I feel like a whole new person!

Brittney T.
(Reno, Nevada)

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