Why do you want to be an actor?

Do you know the answer to this question, ‘Why do you want to be an actor?’ Maybe you do, and maybe you don’t, but it is a question anyone aspiring to act thinks about. A-list Mentor Lera is an industry insider and an A-list Mentor. Her secret on how to become an actress begins with answering the why. If you want to know what to do if you want to be an actor, start with the why. The why is your reason, the how is your toolbox. In her interview with Janet Urban, Lera gives us her why.

As you watch the video, you might discover your reasons for wanting to act are similar to Lera’s. Whether they are or not, it’s good to ask yourself what is important to you. Lera tells us that art is for influencing people. There are many ways to influence people. Perhaps you have a message, or you want to change the world.

Lera is originally from Siberia, Russia. She came to America and became an industry insider. She is an inspiration for many.

Joaquin Phoenix is an actor Lera and millions others admire. At the Oscars, instead of simply thanking the cast and crew, he used the platform to raise an issue. His speech influenced people. He got his message out. An actor can get his message out through a speech like Joaquin Phoenix did, or through performance itself. Joaquin Phoenix is authentic, and he moved Lera and the world.

Acting is your opportunity to create something and make a difference. The power of acting is that your characters can live anywhere. The story can be set anywhere, at any time, and your performance will move people. Acting has emotional power and impacts an audience like no other art form can. It’s one reason why so many actors want to act.

There are more opportunities to break into the film industry as an actress today than ever before. Production happens everywhere. More and more scripts get written and produced. Television sets support hundreds of channels.

Lera’s answer to why she wants to be an actress is simple yet profound. She simply can’t do anything else. There are others ways to get a message across. Lera mentions politics, but she tells us it’s something she could never do. Acting for her is the opportunity to share her soul. She can say things in her work, giving voice to the things people want to say but don’t know how. It’s the emotional connection with an audience that drives her and gives her the power to move people. She’s authentic in everything she does.


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