What the film industry loves

Jessica H.

Not many people responded but those that did are previous co-workers/current friends in the industry and extended family. I have insecurities like everyone. This list shows me that I am stronger then they are and that I will always overcome if I maintain these qualities.

My Strengths

Open to exploring options and pursuing paths that seem promising
Very Hardworking
Excellent Communicator
Direct and Focused on the end result
You don’t let your feelings get in the way
Attention to detail
Born Leader/Leadership
Always Smiling/positive
Consistently have a pleasant personality


Wow. Use polite. organized. resourceful. very hardworking. honest. excellent communicator. confident. don’t let feelings get in the way. Always smiling/positive. consistently have a pleasant personality. These are all so good! But the film industry will really LOVE these.

Amy G
Amy G.

Hey guys!! I’ve been getting my life in order dealing with prior commitments and health issues so I’ve fallen a bit behind. But it’s OK because now I’m back and already have a festival volunteer gig to look forward to!
Below are my strengths from friends and family.

1. NEVER GIVE UP: never lets anything stop her from following my dreams, fiercely driven, keep your cool, most persistent person I know

2. COMPASSIONATE, LOVING, AND HONEST: unapologetically you, connect to others on a deeper level with deep understanding and appreciation of others, listen to and care about others, always speaks to own intelligence, enjoys being with people whether new or old friend, big hearted, listens with everything she has

3. DEDICATED TO CRAFT: incredibly collaborative and generous on & off stage, passionate

4. PUSH OTHERS TO SUCCEED: expects the best from others, raises the bar and takes everyone with her,

5. HARD WORKING: relentless, no one is ever more prepared than her, will work at something until she can do it.

Close runner up was fearless and confident in myself (never apologizing for myself or questioning my value)

What an amazing exercise! It give me the boat I need to move forward with confidence :)


Wow, these are really powerful. I love that you have the capital letter ones, and then a follow up explanation or detail. Really good job.

You’ve got some good friends there!

So, your big ones for your email and resume is: honest. connect with others with a deep level of understanding and appreciation. Dedicated to craft. Hard working – I follow directions to the T and come to set prepared for anything.

The other strengths are huge. Pushing others to succeed. Raising the bar and bringing everyone up with it, just fantastic!!!

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