I'm here in Wisconsin, visiting my parents and family.   We went to my favorite burger place last night, Roxbury Tavern in Riley, WI, a tiny little joint that serves organic, juicy, perfectly done burgers.   And pints of beer.  
The owner is this crotchety old guy, who I often see sitting as his big bar.   I never see him smile.   He doesn't really talk.     When we were there this summer, and sitting outside, when our food was ready he banged on the window and gestured in a grumpy way, "Come get it!"
hahahaha!    Still, I think he's a cool guy, since his menus have Shakespeare in them, and pictures of dogs.   Love it.
If this place was in LA, it would be swamped.   Last night, it was empty.   
This demonstrates that you can be amazing, but no one can know about you!   You've got to do your thing in a place where people can see you!    You've got to put yourself in the right place if you want to reach a lot of people.
You guys are doing the right thing!    
How incredible we have it in the USA, where we can eat food that doesn't make us sick, be warm and comfortable, and get things done so easily.   I thank my lucky stars that I was born into this country.   
I'm grateful for my family, who are a quiet and loving foundation.   My husband Joe, who is the love of my life.  And you, who go after your dreams with courage… and with every step you take, millions of possibilities are possible.