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Before I entered the program I was lost, full of enthusiasm, but could not find a way to break into the big budget arena that I desperately wanted to be in. It was nice seeing friends work on big productions, but it was discouraging not even getting looked at. This program completely changed the way I go about my business and the way I represent myself. I am more confident and courageous about going after jobs because of what Janet has been able to share with us over these past few months. She has a world of experience and knowledge and she is completely willing to give us all that information. Her wisdom is 100% applicable from the first day to your very last day on set!

I started the program after moving to Denver, CO. It is not the biggest film market by any means, yet I found that joining FIF after making my move actually made the transition easier. I did not know anyone in town, so many of the networking and vectoring tips that the program is based on gave me tremendous help in meeting other professionals and in finding work. Since I have been a part of this program, I have worked shows like The Bachelor, Shark Tank, NFL Network, various Reality Shows, Big budget commercials for companies like Ford and Nissan, as well as, narrative shorts and features.

Even though I have had previous experience, I needed to start again as a production assistant level and move my way up. After about 6 months, I am now taking calls as an Assistant Director on features and shorts shooting in my area. Just thinking of how fast things have moved in the past few months, I truly have no idea where I would have been if it had not been this program. Ironically as I type this, I am also speaking with another FIF member about her being on board as a PA for my current production. That is what I call full-circle! This is what FIF offers!

Janet has done such an amazing job outlining steps to take in order to make it into this business. The information in the current program is well thought out, inspirational, and provides the complete “how-to” for getting noticed and for moving vertically within your field.

Thank you Janet for allowing me to find joy again in my work. Whether it is the positivity you continually spread or the constant energy you bring to each weekly session, you have touch my life in a way that is invaluable, which will forever remain with me.

Be bold. Commit to yourself. Don’t be okay with being ok!

Anton C.
(Denver, Colorado)

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