want to be a writer?

Today I was having a conversation on set, with a guy named Tim.

He was telling me his wife is becoming a writer on Jimmy Kimmel show.

I asked him to tell me how she got where she’s at. 

She started off as an actor doing Second City in Chicago.   She formed an all women’s improv group.    Part of the group was a woman that she became very good friends with… who became Jimmy Kimmel’s wife!

So when Jimmy Kimmel got his show about 10 years ago Tim’s wife became a production assistant on that show.    She got the job through Jimmy Kimmel’s wife who also worked on the show.

Tim’s wife also worked as a casting assistant for that show and then was offered the job of casting director for the show!   But she turned it down because she really wanted to be a writer.

So then she worked for another show as a writers assistant and then came back to the Jimmy Kimmel show later to become a writer assistant.

Now she’s one of the main women there in the writers group and is poised to move up to be one of the main writers on the show!   Her best friend, Jimmy Kimmel’s wife, is the head writer on the show.

So you can see that relationships get you started.   Your own ability moves you up the ladder.   However relationships have a big impact throughout your career.

No doubt about it, writers make a lot of money on TV shows!

All this time she’s been making great money and making relationships with people in the TV world, and of course, that’s how you get offered a job being a writer for a TV show.

To me the story illustrates how you must be very tuned in to the people around you.

Because those people are your future.

It’s always the people!

That’s what I love so much about what we do.   You’re instantly elevated into the higher tiers of people.   That elevates what you can do within the industry being surrounded by those people.

Basically you’re surrounding yourself with opportunities all the time.

Many people try to do their own projects and try to get noticed on their own.   But they don’t stand a chance!  Because the jobs are going to go to people who have been working together for years.

I hear all the time about people who got very involved with the right people in the business and do great work together at the professional level.     

How have you been approaching your career?

Are the people you’re surrounding yourself with, at a level higher than you? 

Yes it might feel drastic to pursue the professional industry.   You may not feel like you’re ready yet.

But one of the main things I’ve learned is that you need to start before you’re ready.

If you start before you’re ready, then you will have made so much progress while you were not ready yet!

And pretty soon you’ll just see that you are ready and you feel ready and you feel good.

You’ll get used to doing things before you’re ready.

That’s the mark of an entrepreneur and a go-getter!

So, are you ready to go after these industry jobs and meet your people?

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