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Eva B.

Many editors I talked to usually get their first job as a Post Production PA then they move into assistant editing then editing positions.

We, here at a FIF start out as set PAs as it helps to move into niches later. (DP, editing, etc….)

I guess my question would be after moving into the niche (finding an assistant editing job through Set PA gigs) how does the program apply going forward?

I sincerely want to understand how would editors benefit from the program on the long term because after getting a job at a post house, the job is not temporary anymore, it becomes a full time day job (or graveyard shift) we are on the job for months or even years.

PA-ing or DP-ing on sets is a temporary gig but assistant editing or editing is more permanent so how does the FIF curriculum apply to later times for an editor after having a permanent niche position?


PA-ing is a tool. It’s a tool for everybody in the film industry, including post-production. I work with many producers, who spend years PAing, production managing (PMing) and then moved into producing and editing for post. People use production to give them the edge, the base, and it’s quite rare and extremely effective.

It gives those people an enormous edge because of their knowledge of production… and the connections they have in production. It takes away the fear of directors and producers who hire them because they are no longer someone from set, they don’t know or understand, but people they understand very well and KNOW that language.

Editors and assistant editors are also often freelance too. Post houses don’t want people on staff sitting around, they come in for the jobs, just like production.

So, it’s just a huge leg up. All the other film school students are trying to get into post as a Post PA. You can do that after you have been a set PA and have a way more powerful perspective and experience. That makes you stand out big time.

Also, you’re more useful to them as you understand the language, the way it works on set, can explain why they shot things a certain way, and already know these people. HUGE.

Just HUGE.

You always must do what others don’t do.

The PA job is a tool. Use it and do what others never think of.

Knowledge is power. that’s what I know.

Actors who work in production, director who are also production designers, directors who act, producers who also do post.

What you NEVER see is post people EVER coming into production.

That’s because the skills don’t translate as much and they may not want to be a PA to get going.

Post is a dangerous place to actually make a career of, in my opinion, it’s not that hard to do, jobs are being eliminated by computers, there are so many people who can do it, because its a program everyone has access to.

The personality is always going to be the main thing in your career.

So, you want to be exceptional and that means doing MORE than others.

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