Surround yourself with power players!

When you surround yourself with power players, you succeed in the film industry. Many people believe that making it in this business is a matter of getting lucky breaks, but the truth is that you make your own luck by surrounding yourself with power players. When you work with the top professionals, that’s when you start getting the big opportunities.

You may wonder, though, how you get to work with those top professionals when you have little or no experience in the film industry. Those opportunities seem far away, available to only a handful of people, but the truth is far from it.

It isn’t luck at all.

The film industry is a who-you-know business. Learn how to build the relationships you need to get ahead. Make powerful lifelong bonds with all different kinds of professionals. Working in the film industry can be fulfilling and worthwhile.

Contrary to common perception, you don’t need expensive film school or much knowledge of the craft you are interested in, whether you want to be a director, actor, cameraperson, writer, or anything else. You learn these skills on set. You don’t need to be ready to do your job perfectly the first day, just be someone who knows how to work with others on set. Then the film professionals will want to work with you, and train you and hire you again and again.

There is a saying, “There is no business like show-business”. It’s true. There isn’t. The film industry has this saying because there is a unique landscape to get ahead. You need a map of the terrain ahead of you, a map you cannot use in your ordinary work-a-day world.

Build the connections and develop true friendships with the film professionals who can help you rock your career to the top.

What makes working in this industry so fantastic is all the fun you have and all the friends you make. When you are surrounded by top professionals who are also your friends, you become a top professional yourself, loving your work and loving life.

That’s the secret.

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