Success Stories

Here is a track record of FriendslnFilm’s A-list students who are using the methods taught by Janet to work professionally inside the film industry.

These are Actors, Cinematographers, Writers… Editors, SFX Editors, MUAs, SFX MUAs, VO Artists, Stuntmen, Hair Stylists, Sound Engineers, and more… all inside this community, updating us weekly on their growth!

Using A-list Work-Study, you can also be seen as up-and-corning in only 4 weeks, working REGULARLY on film shoots in 3 months, and moving into your craft in 3-6 months.

Note from Janet: Film industry is a highly competitive industry. The days are long, 12+ hours. This program does not promise, guarantee or make any claims of success that you’ll get professional jobs. Most people try to get into the film industry and do not succeed… so we are making no promises that you’ll have similar results to Janet or our other A-listers by investing in our courses. Building a professional career takes hard work and constant implementation so it will always be you that is ultimately responsible for your career. Just the hard, cold facts that deter people who want a magic pill and is “word” to those who want to build a real career!

We have a FREE Mini-Course to get you working on professional film sets and building credits right away.

So you can put your best foot forward right off the bat and not waste any time auditioning and reaching out to people COLD. Everyone here got to where they are by understanding how the industry runs and what gets people work! This is important for both Actors and filmmakers. We respect your privacy and will never sell your information.