Streaming is 85% Up During Coronavirus Pandemic

As the entire world is stuck inside of the house with nothing to do but sit in front of their TV screens and watch their favorite entertainment selections, streaming services are seeing a substantial boost is users logging online. A recent report produced in March found that Netflix alone is responsible for about one-third of all video streaming directed to television in recent weeks since the pandemic started.

Netflix is not the only streaming platform that offers a huge selection of premium entertainment options for you to choose from. Nielsen just published a study that shows that Americans have spent a total of approximately 400 billion minutes streaming various content to their media devices in the first three weeks of March alone. 

The Numbers

The statistics mentioned above correlate to an estimated 85% jump in streaming when compared to the same period in March of 2019. Aside from streaming services seeing a boost in subscribers and viewers, television ratings have also increased across the country although streaming seems to be a favorite of many people. Streams from the internet account for about 23% of all content being viewed on the internet right now.

During the same period last year, this percentage was about 16% which shows that many more people are starting to watch entertainment provided to them by streaming services during the pandemic. When it comes to the different streaming services that people are using to watch their favorite content, the breakdown in numbers is quite simple.

Take a look below to see the exact percentage of people who are using specific streaming services during this pandemic:

  • Amazon Prime- 9%
  • YouTube- 20%
  • Hulu- 10% 
  • Netflix- 29%

What It Means for Consumers

The dramatic spike in viewership across all streaming platforms has had many positive effects on those who subscribe to these services. If you’re struggling to find something to watch on your favorite streaming platform, you can locate a top 10 list from The Nielson report which contains data of the most popular TV shows people are watching right now.

There are some other streaming services available out there such as Apple TV+, Showtime, HBO Now, and more. WarnerMedia has reported large spikes in viewership across multiple platforms owned by the media giant. Across the entire steaming industry there has been a 20% increase in interaction across several platforms, shows like Westworld are currently on HBO’s most popular TV show list with many more options for you to choose from.

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