Sparkman Got Fired As A Waitress So She Made a Feature Film

Sparkman got fired as a waitress so she made a feature film. She moved fast in the film industry. Sparkman learned how to network with insiders. In short time, she went from her lost job to an associate producer at an ad agency. Her film Greta is on Amazon Prime.

Sparkman worked a low pay job as a cocktail waitress and suffered from depression. It was tough for her to get up every day and go to a job she didn’t like. She wanted to work in film, yet saw herself becoming the cliche story of the waitress who never gets a break.

How did she turn things around?

She got a job as a secretary of a production company. While on that job, she found that she wanted to be a script supervisor.

Because she saw the industry from the inside, she was able to figure out exactly what job she wanted to do.

Sparkman dealt with bouts of depression and highs of excitement. She worked through it and  got script supervisor jobs, exactly what she wanted.

With her insider training, she made her own feature film. She acted in it and directed it.

You can watch her film, Greta, which is on Amazon Prime.

Recently, Sparkman has been working as an associate producer at an ad agency. They hired her because they liked that she was from production, worked as a script supervisor, and wrote and directed her own film.

Many people are like Sparkman. They are working in jobs they don’t want to do just to pay the bills.

It’s a dead end that leads to depression for many.

They dream of working in the film industry, living the lifestyle, working creatively, and being around other people who are just as excited about the business as they are.

With insider training from top professionals, it’s possible to learn the crafts while getting paid.

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