Show business is for the horses!

Today's shoot is with a horse.   A talking horse. Well, not exactly… a horse with a piece of tape stuck under his lip so he looks like he's talking.   He's standing in front of blackboard acting like the professor.   Hasn't made a mess yet … you know, like on the floor… so we're all happy so far!

UPDATE:   The horse is eating everything.   He ate the chalk, which everybody tried to get out of his mouth.   But he crunched it up and had chalk all over his mouth.

They tried to clean it up.   Then they fed him an apple.   Seems like a good idea, right?

Well, the horse loved it but started salivating all over the place.   Slobber coming out of this mouth and the tape won't stick anymore.   The animal handlers keep trying and they keep wiping his mouth.   What a patient horse.

On to the desk scene, they put some oats to get him interested in the desk… well, he caught a whiff of the oats and WHAM!!!   He starts knocking everything off the desk, the phone, the calculator, the lamp, the papers, everything was flying off the desk!

CUT!!! It's like a disaster!   But we all can't help but laugh … hey, it's a horse and we get to spend the day working with this lovely guy!

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