Running into Friends in Film members in Palm Springs

Ahhhh, just returned from Palm Springs resort and ahhh, it was relaxing.   So fun.
The pool was between 80-85 degrees.
The air was 80 degrees at night, balmy and beautiful.    Here is a pic of the resort at nighttime.   
We swam at all hours of the day, drank cuban mojitos at the poolside.

One morning we had a special surprise.    We were having breakfast in town, and someone came running up to our table, actually bouncing like tigger.
It was none other than Andrew Carlson.    I couldn't believe my eyes.
He was staying at the Weston resort in Palm Springs and having breakfast at the same place!!   What a wonderful surprise.   
Anyways, Palm Springs is only 2 hours east of Los Angeles and I'm sure you're going to experience it when you come out to LA.    And if you need recommendations on where to go or stay, I'd be happy to give them to you!

I mentioned the work marathon starting.   Well, I just had 2 weeks off…4th of July week and this week.   Now, it's ramping back up and I work 5 days this week, 3 different jobs.   And I had to give away 3 jobs.    
Next week only 1 day so far.
Isn't that incredible?    No work for 2 weeks and then you get slammed, so much work you can't do it all.
This is how it will be for you too.   This is how it is for everybody in the industry.    You get busy and then it's slow.    You do save your money for the slow times, and you don't worry about it when it's slow, you just catch up on other things.
You may be like, "Well, I don't like that!"
But this is the business you've chosen and that's the way it is.    
So, embrace the good things, the flexibility, the work coming in and you taking it…
and the less good things, is you don't know when work will start or stop.  
This is how it is for everyone, celebrities included.    All of a sudden the phone may stop ringing.    Then, it can start ringing again.
The more you keep in touch with people, the more the phone (or email now) comes in consistently. 

I had 2 weeks off and the phone hardly rang!

And now it's back to work with a bang.   When you're in the film industry, you learn to coordinate your days off with times of the year where there are less shoots happening.
4th of July week and the week after, is that time of year.    You might want to take a note of that for your schedule too!
Now this week, July 13 and onward,  it's back to full on work.   I have 3 jobs booked this week alone.
Anyways, I just wanted to reach out to you all and let you know about Palm Springs and the wild things that happen when you're out here.

Talk to you all soon,


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