Negative emotions. We wake up with them. Sometimes they don’t seem to want to leave.


How can you make progress when you feel negative emotions throughout the day?

Should you be allowing the emotion or should you try to make yourself feel better?

Is there something wrong with you if you feel negative emotion? (like sadness, frustration, loss of motivation)

One day, I’m walking around Disneyland and I thought, “I should be happier.”

What is wrong with me? Other people seem happy…

This week, I want to explain how feeling your negative feelings and emotions will allow you to experience your life at its fullest.

You will learn how to take control of your emotions make them work for you, instead of avoiding them. You don’t want to miss this episode full of tools and actionable steps that you can use to start taking control of your emotions!


– Why it is important for us to experience negative emotions

– How avoiding feeling negative emotion is linked to other downward spiral feeling.

– The difference between feeling an emotion and reacting to it.

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