4-Day-Shoot in Palm Springs!

This shoot had a little drama associated with it.

So, we’re there for a 4 day shoot. They’ve put us up in this incredible resort in Palm Springs (that’s like 2 hours from Los Angeles).

On day 2, production decides it wants to put a 1 day break in the middle of the shoot.

That means that we have to stay at the resort, all expenses paid, for 1 day, but not be paid for that day.

Most everyone is super happy! AH! Now we get to go to the spa!

But one of the Production Assistants wasn’t. I was right there, when he voiced his displeasure by throwing the keys to the production truck in the bushes.


You don’t see that, well, I’ve never seen that!

So, he was saying he was done. And production agreed.

So, he went home. Ahhh, a little drama.

Now, I have no idea why he would be pissed about having to stay at a resort, not being paid that day, but guys, don’t get pissed like that!

Don’t burn your bridges!

Watch the video I made for you below!

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