what to do when people don’t support you

Keep Moving Forward

In 1997 two people sat across from me in an office and said to me, “You’ll never make it as a musician.”

I tried to stay strong but a little piece of me died that day and my dream of being the next Santana ended.

Although I didn’t know it at the time. I just thought they were mean and I left.   But the damage was great and even though I’m aware that I’m responsible for whatever condition I’m in, certain types of people will build a wall in front of you and purposely try to stop you.

Today I realize that miserable people will enter your world in one fashion or another and if they see you pursuing a dream, it drives them silently crazy.   You must conform to their shape and get in line or you’re wrong.   Those people are the worst kind of losers because many of them truly think they “know” what they’re talking about and the “educated” ones are just plain dangerous.   Usually people around this kind of character are cowed personalities that can’t function too well in life.   Watch out for them.

But, somehow I pushed through and continued to pursue my dreams and I’m happy to say that today I’m a successful artist with more opportunities than I can even mention on Facebook.

The reason I’m posting this today is because I want every one of you to make it in whatever dream you’re pursuing.   Some will be discouraging and some will sound like they truly “care” about you and don’t want to see you get hurt.   Understand that those are people have already failed in pursuing a dream and although they might love you, they are mostly afraid of failure and risk but even more afraid of you succeeding because it will prove to them that it CAN be done.   Shedding a light on someone’s failed purposes is scary and they just can’t have it happen.   The good news is that handling them is easy but you must take the responsibility to confront them.

Here’s my advice.

Keep moving forward!   Keep smiling at the challenges that will be thrown at you!

Keep helping those that are falling behind and giving up!

Keep dreaming big and join others in their dreams! Keep a positive outlook via social media and even if things suck for a moment, post the opposite and see what happens.

It’s amazing!   You’re all amazing artists and your potential is as big as you can dream it so dream BIG and Stick with it!

Have a fantastic weekend and create create create!


John Henry Soto

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