Just Doing It. Putting Yourself Out There

A huge part of being successful in the film industry is just doing it. Putting yourself out there to get on set and meeting with professionals gets you on the inside. People who get into film take action. They are opening doors in the film industry all of the time.

You need to take action in order to break into film. You need to meet the professionals who can hire you and refer you.

Do you want to learn how to locate the shoots happening in your area and how to speak to the people who can hire you?

Many people don’t know how to open the doors to the film industry at all. They spend years frustrated and discouraged because it seems like all of the good jobs are already taken by the insiders.

This isn’t true at all. There is plenty of opportunity to work in the film industry, and professionals hire new people all the time. The film industry is booming. Shooting happens everywhere, even in small towns and rural regions.

Wherever you live, you can break into the film industry. You don’t have to pick up and move. You will find the work right where you live. You can transition from your regular job to your film job quickly.

Many people try to break into the industry by sending out resumes. They don’t know who will actually hire them, nor do they truly understand the job opportunities and responsibilities on a set.

Film professionals usually do not hire off of unsolicited resumes. They usually hire people they know.

Many people make the mistake of asking the wrong people to hire them.

Talk to the right people and know what to say to them.

Alex started as a PA and learned camera on set. He used what he learned on set, and got offered jobs.

There are so many different kinds of careers you can have in the film industry.

If you don’t know what craft you want to do, that’s OK. Most people start as a production assistant as their first film job. It’s a job that exposes you to everything on set. You can use your experience as a production assistant to see craft jobs in action.

Just put yourself out there.

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