Jennifer Aniston / Adam Sandler shoot

Hey, I just had to show you this.

Yesterday when I was on the plane coming back to Los Angeles from Wisconsin, I got called for a shoot for this Wednesday.

I’m like “Great, I’m available, just let me know if it happens.”

Today, I’ve been emailing back and forth with the Producer about the job and they weren’t sure the shoot was going to happen. Then, 5 minutes ago I finally get the call sheet… which means the shoot is on!

Looking at the call sheet, I understood. Shooting with in demand celebrities is always up in the air until last minute.

With such big stars, there will be NO cameras on set, I’m sure. But I’ll tell you all about it in an email.

We’re shooting at Sony studios on a stage. That’s all I know! It will be fun to see Adam Sandler…I think he’s so funny. And I’ve never worked with Jennifer Aniston, so that will be cool too.

Talk to you tomorrow!


P.S.  I’m curious…If you could work with anybody, any celebrity…who would it be?


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