Is your shyness holding you back?

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Are you concerned your shyness is holding you back? Don’t worry!

First, the great thing about a set is that it’s always busy! You may wonder, why is that important?! Well it means that you never really get a chance to talk to anyone too long.

Conversations are snippets here and there — standing in the crafty line “Oh what are you going to get?…”, heading to craft services “Anyone else want a water, I’m going to grab one for myself?…”, end of the day “Wow we accomplished a ton! Drive safe, see you tomorrow!…”

See each of those are easy statements, they don’t make you come too far out of your bubble but they enable you to connect with people on a level that makes sense for the surroundings.

No one has a chance on set to go into their life long story (Maybe the actors in the holding areas with one another but not the crew). So you can baby step your way into it!

The best thing is that if you start to feel shy, you can say you have to get back to a work activity and no one is the wiser or worried you’re blowing them off because you’re all there to work : – D

Little by little with each passing moment that you interact in snippets with people you gain a relationship, they recognize “Hey that person is always being helpful…” “Hey that person was really caring…” “Hey that person is always working hard…”

These are the moments that help you to build the relationships you need to vector.

There may be a few people that you strongly connect with. Each job is like a mini reunion where you get to see the same people again and again.

So don’t worry – even shy people do great in this industry! Are you ready to go to the next level? If you’re ready to not hold yourself back anymore, click here to take your next bold step.

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