How to get rich in this business

How do you get rich in the film industry?
All my friends are buying $1,000,000 homes now.    It used to seem like a crazy thing to do, why would anyone spend that much money on a home?!
Back in my backpacking days, I was like, "I'd be happy to sleep on this carpeted step.   Just give me this carpeted step and I'll sleep here happily and just gaze into that beautiful kitchen."
Well, no one would let me live on their step, so I had to find my own place in LA.   And just like I coach my people to meet their roommates on set, that's how I met my roommate.
He was this wiry little Austrian guy, with a heavy accent, doing craft service on set.   No one would talk to him, he was very stand offish, but I did and found my 1st apartment in LA for $150/month.
There was only a couch in this room.   And the Austrian had the couch, so I got the floor.  So, I went on Craigslist and called this guys who had a used futon.    
Me:   "You got a futon?" 
The guy:  "Yeah."
Me: " Can you sleep on it?"
The guy:  "Yep."
Me:  "What do you want for it?"
The guy:  "How bout $150?"
Me:   "OK!"
Well, I bought the futon and then realized, "Heyy, it has no frame, it's hard as a rock."
So, I was still sleeping on the floor.   Oh well.   I kept my expenses low and it was only up from there.
From there, I called a million people in LA…  I would sit there in my echoey bathroom and call people, "Hey, I just got here from Africa, I'm looking for work, looking to learn, can I come out and meet you?"
I got so many "Nos."   I had this list of people and started at the "A"s.    Well, when I got to the "W"s, I finally found someone who let me come over to their house and talk to them.
He was starting a big feature film with Matthew Maconoghy and Alfred Molina, shooting in the Anza Borrego desert.   He invited me to come out and PA.
So, that was my first breakthrough and it came through a relationship I developed.
From there, it was job after job, from relationships I made while working on set.
I never sent my resume anywhere.
I never even looked for postings.
It was all person to person.    And I built my business so fast, I made $80,000 my first year.
Now, what I did isn't that unusual, in fact, one of our Friends in Film students is set to make $100,000 this year.
So… He bypassed me, my first year.
Anyways, now I'm looking at million dollar houses!    I have a house already that is like a little paradise on an acre of land, but want to buy a bigger dream house now.
Here is the area I'm looking in:

Anyways, the reason I share this with you… is that this all came from the film industry.    Every single cent I ever made, came from getting in my car, driving to the location, setting up and shooting the commercial, the promo, the movie, the behind the scenes…
I did my share of long hours, tough little shoots but also the glitzy, glamorous shoots that you sometimes see me post pics on Facebook.    (Harder to do these days with the non-disclosures we sign.) 
There are SO MANY ways you can make money in this business, it's crazy.   So many ways to be successful.   
And I want you to know that, because I bet that you hear from friends and family that you're going after a unrealistic dream and you'll be poor forever.
But, I'm here to tell you, that is simply not true.
It can be done!
I'm proof and my students are proof.
So, email me and tell me where you're at.    Tell me:   What you want?   What challenges you have?
I will personally give you my take on what you should do.
I don't care if you join our program "Into the Industry" or not.   I care that I've contributed to helping you by putting you on a straight and narrow path.
You know I always say, the best path is the straight line.
Go straight for what you want… and then you get there faster.
Problem is, you may not know what is your straight line.
Well, I can give you my take on that, if you wish.
So, email me and tell me, "What do you want?  What challenges do you have?"
Talk to you soon!
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