How to get into the film industry guaranteed

Today’s video is for the people that are saying “Oh Janet, this business, it takes so long to get anywhere and then there’s no guarantees and I might spend like the next 5 or 10 years working as a waiter and never getting anywhere. There’s no guarantees… I am giving up so much.”

Believe me, I’m with you!

I’m with you for that concern and this is why I think that it’s a mistake to waitress for five to ten years and just go to auditions. You’re not building real skills; you’re building waitressing skills and you’re making some money.

You’re living but ninety percent of your time is spent waitressing, probably more and over a long period of time you are not making that much money.

You’re also not learning real skills.

So yes! It is slow if you do it that way because you only have auditions to work your way up and you know that it’s normal to go to 50 auditions and book one roll.

50 auditions, that’s a lot of auditions, I mean you can’t even do that in one month, so you’re probably talking at least three months when you’re going nonstop to get one role.

That means you’re only on set maybe three or four times a year as a principal. I suspect that somebody is pretty happy with that but still it’s just nothing.

What you wanna do you is you want to get so involved that you’re actually on set all the time.

You’re involved in one capacity… in the production office, on set, in the casting office, you wanna be just be so involved that this is your life and this is your career, working in the film industry.

So then it won’t be slow anymore. You’re actually working in the industry and you don’t have even time to worry about how slow it is and then you don’t have to worry about whether there is any guarantees or not.

You know, right now it’s like “Oh I’m giving up so much because all I have to do is go to _______. I’m doing a job that I hate or survival job and I am going to auditions and there’s no guarantees.”

True, there are no guarantees. What should you do about that?

Well, I think that you should make yourself so knowledgeable that you are the guarantee. You know, it’s kind of like this; if you don’t give yourself any skill, then you can’t complain about it cause you did it. But if you go out there, learn a bunch of stuff, and you become valuable to people – you get very involved.

Then you’ve got skill so you don’t have to worry about guarantees because you’re the freaking guarantee you know, it’s like I can count on me it’s hard to see when you’re not in it yet.

However, I know it cause I have been doing it for so long and I’ve also done it in other industries as well. In the banking industry and in the real estate industry.

I just know that by getting super involved and learning these skills, then you are becoming valuable and people want to pay money for that. You are moving along with your career and that is the guarantee.

You cannot go wrong if you’re working in the business and they’re paying you money. You are there, you are loving your freaking life, and you’re around people that you love.

That’s what I have to say for those of you with these concerns.

If you’re worried about it being too slow and that there’s no guarantees, that’s just because you’re doing it the traditional way and there is another way to do it.

That’s the Friends in film way. Getting inside the business, working, getting paid to be there, and making connections at the same time.

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