How to Get Acting Roles Without Auditioning

How to get acting roles without auditioning is an insider secret. Many people ask if it’s really possible to get acting roles without auditions. Everyone does acting auditions. Everyone has an audition tape. It’s just the way it’s done – so everyone says.

The problem, though, is that almost everyone who wants to act is trying to get in front of the camera the same way. Actors in auditions are faces in a huge crowd. All many hear is that dreaded word – NEXT!

The film industry is a relationship business. Roles are filled from the inside. Very few actors get work through auditions.

This is why it takes ten years to never (!) for most people to break in as an actor.

It shouldn’t take ten years to get roles as an actor. The film industry is booming. Production happens everywhere. There is plenty of acting work out there.

You just need to use the shortcut to become successful. Then you will be working and getting paid as an actor.

Get on a film set as a production assistant. Production is in constant need of production assistants. This way, you are already inside working with the cast and crew.

Here’s a secret – productions are often in constant need of production assistants.

The production assistant supports all aspects of the set. This means you can work in many different departments.

You develop friendships and relationships with insiders in the industry. You get to know people.

Once you’re inside, make relationships with the craft professionals who can nurture your career.

As a production assistant, you can ask to work with different departments. Certain departments are ideal for networking with insiders who can lead you to roles.

You probably already thought of casting, but there are several others that don’t occur to most people.

The set is a hectic place. Actors are constantly busy. If you want to ask actors what casting agencies they use, what department would provide you the moment to speak with them?

When you’re on set, you discover answers to questions like this.

It often happens that actors get lead roles just by being on set. Insiders don’t care about your type, or if you’re SAG, or your training. When you are friends with the insiders, they are excited to put you in front of the camera. They want to see their friends in film and on TV.

Develop your relationships on set and you will have greater chances of succeeding as an actor.

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