how reputable is backstage?

Caitlin asks:

Quick question for everyone in the group. Have any of you auditioned for parts through Backstage? How reputable is Backstage for actors? I am asking because I remember Janet Urban mentioning that this industry is word of mouth, and how she mentioned that auditions are not posted necessarily, but that you need to be inside the industry to know what’s going on. I’m just curious as to how websites like Backstage play into this profession. :-) Thanks !!

Janet’s response:

Some auditions are posted. Most other film jobs are typically not posted.

Auditions that are posted are usually for smaller roles and parts. For the larger roles and roles that are added on set you’ll need to have connections.

As for as your question about Backstage. It is a marketing service that production companies use to post general auditions. Postings in Backstage can be reputable or not. There’s no way to know just from it being posted there.

I went to a free acting class once that was posted in Backstage just to see what was being offered. It wasn’t soon after we started that people giving the class started to promote Scientology. That certainly wasn’t something I was expecting or wanted to be a part of.

So just realize that Backstage is not screening what is being posted there.

Some opportunities there can be good, some not so good.

You should definitely follow up with any opportunities that you find and do your background check. Don’t let the lure of spotlights blind you.

And don’t let too much time fly by waiting and hoping for an audition to launch your career. There are thousands of others out there that fit your character type hoping to get discovered as well.

While you develop your acting skills and go to auditions you should also be developing yourself and your connections. That’s what I teach. Because, it’s not who you know in the business. It’s who knows you and that is 1000x more useful than attending film school onlline or in person!


Thanks Janet. It makes perfect sense how I could be finding auditions that are not the most legit. I’ll just have to do my research on the production company before auditioning.

Keila says:

I strictly use backstage for research purposes. They have have lots of reputable professionals who write articles on all kinds of topics related to the industry, and I have found it incredibly useful. I’ve learned the lingo and other tips and tricks just by reading the articles. I highly recommend subscribing to the backstage emails because you can learn a BUNCH. I do not pay for that; I don’t have a subscription with them. I just put my email on their list and I get information from them every day. Good luck!

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