How handle disappointment

OK, I had a 5 day job that went away last week. I would have made $12,000. Then, I had a 6 day union job offered to me, but I was already on hold for a 2 day commercial.

As it happens, this company I was on hold with is starting to be my biggest company. They are hiring me for all their Directors, so it’s very exciting.

I call them up, “Hey, it’s Janet. I have a six day job offered to me the same dates as your two day job. Do you want to book me?”

They are like, “Let me check with the Producer.”

She emails me back, “YES Janet, Book, Book, Book!  ;-))))”

At the time, I was like “Darn, two day job versus a 6 day job!” But I thought that might be for the best since I’m looking at the company offering the two day gig as a solid long term client.

So, I turn down the 6 day job. That was Friday.

THEN, I get an email yesterday, from the two day job people, “OHHHH, Janet! OMG, So sorry! We have to cancel!   There is no sound now in this spot. Can you get the other job back???”

Well, that job has been given to someone else…

In the last month, I’ve had $35,000 of work that went away. $35,000 down to a big 0.

This will happen to you, too. It’s the nature of the business. How do you handle the disappointment?

Well, after 17 years in the business, here’s how I see it.

Work comes and goes.

If you want to be happy in this business you need to be aware of the thoughts that are circulating in your mind. What you focus on fuels your emotions., and your emotions are your quality of  life.

If you focus and label things as bad, you’ll feel sad… and a whole bunch of disempowering emotions will start to bubble up and get in the way of your ability to succeed and solve problems.

You tell yourself you’re going backwards instead of forwards. You’ve got no power.

So instead, I take a deep breath and turn my focus to a concept that calms me down and gives me power…

That concept is:

“Have FAITH.”

I’m talking about faith in yourself. Faith that if you keep taking actions toward having a good career, you will have a good career.

See, I know that a less confident person tries to hold onto everything. I don’t need to hold onto things or be devastated when the rug gets pulled out from under my feet. I know if I keep moving, work will come to me. How can I be so sure of this outcome?

I put LOVE out to people. I know that’s what I’m giving off, because it’s what I’m getting back from people as well.

So… it’s all good. We will all work again. This happens to all of us in this business.

We lose work and we get work.

It’s not just you, it happens to me too!

Have faith in yourself. Know that you WILL work again.


P. S.  By the way, you know that job that I lost?  Well, I got another job for those same 2 days! Then, another 1 day job the day after.

So, my schedule is still pretty full… it’s just a rollercoaster to get it filled up!  ;-)

That’s why you need to protect your mind, so you don’t go up and down all the time!

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