IF YOU WANT TO BE A WRITER:   One of the hardest things in this business is getting the REAL SCOOP.  People who have made it want to stay there and often don’t want to share how they really did it.

So when I had the opportunity to find out how a WRITER got a writing job on the show Fairly Legal, I jumped at it.   Writers on TV shows make INSANE amounts of money.

The Stylist on the shoot I was working on, is married to this very successful writer.   So, we did an interview while we were on set.

We recorded our audio only, since we were working… but you’ll get the value from what is said here.  It’s phenomenal.

You will notice that his path to success happened when he did what we teach at Friends in Film.   He got INSIDE the business through JOBS.  He was a Production Assistant, Manager’s Assistant, and Showrunner’s Assistant.  Once inside, he made valuable connections with KEY people and that’s how he got the opportunity to be a writer on a major TV show.

Specifically, he worked himself up to the position where he was the Assistant to the Showrunner of the show!   The Showrunner is the top dog, that is his/her show.   He got the writer job from being the Assistant to the Showrunner.

He got the Assistant to the Showrunner by being a Production Assistant and Producer’s Assistant.   The jobs are all inside the production office.

He didn’t send scripts all over town, hoping someone would read them.    Instead, he got inside and worked alongside key players who could hook him up,  the same method we teach in Friends in Film.

Another incredible thing she told me, (that we didn’t record) is that you don’t need to be a Yale, Harvard, Ivy league or rich kid to make headway as a writer.   What they’re really looking for is your background, your story… and of course you need to be an excellent writer!   Apparently, your background lends a lot to what you can contribute as a writer.

So they like interesting backgrounds.  Father was a police officer, mother was a social worker… Backgrounds where you had to overcome a lot is good.  They like to see that you’ve come a long ways from your own persistence.  This was very good to hear and it goes along with what I always say…

Who you become on the way to getting your goals is what’s important.   The person you become is what gives you your future success.   As you listen to this interview, you’ll get a good feel for how persistent this guy is.