Good Headshots For Acting And Commercials – Where To Find Your Inspiration

You want to take good headshots for acting and commercials and know where to find your inspiration. If you are making DIY acting headshots, even shooting your headshots on your iPhone, it’s important to get the look right for submission to casting.

Your headshot is your representation when you are just coming into the industry and no one knows you. A-list Mentor Lera gives us some quick tips on good headshot taking.

Some advice in the film industry can be simple and easy to follow. Lera tells us to Google performers who inspire you. Look at their headshots for inspiration.

Not all important advice, though, is as intuitive as Googling your favorite performer to find the right look for your headshot.

Many actors miss the most important aspect in their headshot.

The one thing in your look that will make your headshot photo stand out to casting is the same thing that makes great performers.

It’s called authenticity.

It’s not enough to look great in your headshot. You need to look authentic. You want to reflect your real self, show that true you and have it come out in the headshot.

An authentic appearance tells casting you will be authentic in the role. They will be confident that you will be believable and lifelike in your performance.

It’s a special edge. It’s what casting directors seek when searching the multitude of photos. Authenticity is your edge.

It takes time and professional feedback to get that authentic shot. Lera knows a lot about it.

Lera also helps with industry lingo. When you talk like a film professional, everyone takes you seriously. Lera explains the difference between a commercial headshot and a legit headshot. A commercial headshot is happy, since you are selling a product. A legit headshot is for theatre, film, and TV, so it’s more layered and nuanced.

Knowing the different names of the headshots is part of your edge. You are speaking the lingo of film professionals. That takes practice and professional feedback to get just the right look.

You want to demonstrate to all film professionals you have the edge.

You can start Googling your favorite actors right now. You can go to Pinterest and search the performers you admire. You can compile the photos you find online and create two boards, one for your commercial headshot and one for your legit headshot. Your goal is to discover the right mood for your two different kinds of headshots.

Acting is a lifelong craft. You are always learning, always improving, and always getting feedback.


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