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If Nobody Knew Me, And All I Had Was My Hard Work And Desire

This Is Exactly What I’d Do To Get Consistent Film Work

Let’s Make 2021 Your Best Year Ever

Janet Urban
Founder of
Friends In Film

Let’s create a plan to leave 9-5 and start doing what you LOVE for a living. As an Actor. As a Filmmaker. Writer. MUA. Costume Designer and more.

During this 3 day Challenge you will:

  • Learn how to find professional shoots.
  • Learn how to get experience so that you are qualified to get jobs that get you INSIDE.
  • Learn how to properly contact people as a professional… so you land these jobs and CHANGE your life!

Go full-time into the film industry as a career. And best of all… it’s only $38. Less than $10 per day to learn how to finally DO IT RIGHT!

This could be the most important $38 you’ve ever invested!

Tell me if this sounds familiar…

Your current job takes all your time and energy, and you feel you’re falling further and further away from your dream.

You talk to your friends and family about your aspirations and are met with skepticism and doubt.

You have spent so much money on classes, gear, workshops, film festivals, your own films… and you’re still in the SAME PLACE!

The reason why you haven’t been able to break in, isn’t your talent, or lack of effort, it’s that you never got INSIDE the professional film industry. And that’s what I’m going to teach you for only $38 in the 3 day Challenge.

I have good news.

You’re standing in an opportunity of a lifetime.

Production is very busy right now.

Yes! Even with the lockdowns, film shoots are still allowed to shoot and we are shooting like crazy.

It may be uncertain in the ordinary world, but the film world is shooting, shooting, shooting.

And there is not enough people.

If you know how to position yourself, you can use this time to break in.


Janet Urban | founder of Friends In Film

Are you the world’s best-kept secret?

Let’s do a quick little experiment to find out.

How many professional’s phones are you in… as an actor, camera, editor, writer, MUA, production?

If very few people are coming to mind, this is the first clue as to how well you’re connected. If no one knows you, how can people call you for shoots?

Also consider, are you the best person for the job? What experience do you have that you know you’ll nail that job and get asked back?

In order to do the job well, you need experience.

In order to get experience, you need to get called for lots of shoots!

No calls, no career.

Here’s the good news:

Production is willing to hire you as long as they can trust you can do the job.

Especially, with the explosion of film work happening, there are not enough people and they are looking for more people.

If you do this right, you can:

  • Who to contact for jobs.
  • What to say in emails.
  • What to emphasize in your resume.
  • How to turn 1 shoot into hundreds.

The end result: You can leave 9-5 to make a living entirely in film doing what you LOVE!

Why the Strategy I Teach WORKS.

When I started to get into the film industry, I was trying to get somebody to give me a chance.

I was calling production companies, emailing my resume, going to film festivals, and I felt like…

People didn’t want to help me. Or hire me.

  • I did not know what to say.
  • I didn’t have confidence.
  • I didn’t know who to contact to get hired.

My goal: I wanted to travel the world working for National Geographic.

I needed show people that I already had some experience and could be helpful.

So I started with small shoots, news, interviews, a commercial, where I got paid $50-150 per day. I interviewed the production people who hired me on what would make me “ideal” so I could get hired again.

That was 23 years ago. Since then, I’ve travelled the world with National Geographic, won an Emmy and was nominated for a 2nd Emmy.

Now, you can get started in a similar way so you can leave the crappy job and start a NEW LIFE doing what you LOVE!

My mission inside the Challenge is to give you a personalized career plan, similar to mine, that fits your vision.

You will join me LIVE and we will figure this out together! Three lessons over five days!

How It Will Work:

Each day, you’Il be Invited to a live ZOOM meeting where I’ll teach the core lesson, answer your questions, and give you a simple action item to complete prior to the next lesson. Each lesson is 60-90 minutes of me, teaching you and helping you with your plan LIVE.

You’ll also be added to the members-only Facebook group where you’ll post your career plan and interact with your fellow challengers.

There are three lessons. Each session is recorded so if you can’t make a session you’ll be able to watch it later.

By the end of this Challenge, you’ll know:

  • WHO are the right people for YOU to connect with.
  • HOW you should connect with them (emails and resume).
  • What YOU should to gain more relevant experience.
  • Start building your own story entirely from film shoots and move quickly in the industry just like I did!

You’ll have a simple, actionable clear strategy to start your own career and do it right now while the business is booming.

I’ve decided to price this challenge at $38.60. The same as going out for dinner.

So there you have it. What you’ll get:

  • Three days of LIVE interactive training with Janet and our own private Challenge Facebook group.
  • The Challenge Workbook: a downloadable PDF for taking notes and completing the daily assignments.
  • The recordings: Access to all recordings inside our private Facebook group. You can go back anytime and review any of the lessons to help you execute your plan.
  • A $295 value for just $38.60 🙌

It’s time to get un-stuck.

Challenge Schedule

DAY 1: Thursday, December 3

Discovering the FASTEST career path for what you want to do. Choosing the TV shows, features, music videos you want to create your career in.

DAY 2: Friday, December 4

Illuminating what has been blocking you (self-doubt, anxiety, people who doubt you, worries about how talented you are, finances, etc).

DAY 3: Saturday, December 5

Establishing your NEW Action-Orientated Career Path designed to get you started in the professional entertainment industry NOW.

DAY 4: Wednesday, December 9

Bonus Q&A session from set during Janet’s film shoot.

Join the Challenge and Get:

  • 3 Days of LIVE Interactive Training with Janet
  • The Challenge Workbook
  • The Challenge Recordings
  • BONUS: live Q&A call on DAY 4 to dig deeper into the topics YOU want.