Framing Our Goals

Those of us who have been successful in the film industry practice something we like to call, “Framing Our Goals”, which can help you for getting into the film industry. It’s an exercise we all do, at every level. Framing your goals for the film industry is especially fun to do. You get to take a moment out of your daily routine and remember all of the film dreams you had before ‘being practical’ became your mode of living.

Successful people, regardless of what industry they are in, take time to think about what they want to accomplish. At one time, just like you, they had a dream, but they took that dream and outlined clear steps and goals to reach that dream.

Take a few minutes from your day and do the exercise in the video. It will only take a few minutes, and you will be greatly rewarded for it. You’ll be reminded that in our oftentimes confusing and difficult world, dreaming of what could be is empowering. When you listen to Janet, you’ll understand that she has been where you are. She knows the struggles and the pain you experience as a creative person.

You will re-discover your hopes for working in the film industry because Janet has been where you are and made it to the top.  Working in a creative field, one that you love, is possible for you.

The brief exercise you complete with Janet is not just to re-energize your goals and hopes, it also helps you in your communications with film professionals. Think about where you are now, and where you want to go in the film industry. Every power-player in the film industry started somewhere and reached great creative heights.

Janet is showing you a glimpse of the way successful film professionals think and talk.

You can be a part of the film industry also. Every one of us started out like you, with our hopes and dreams and our goals.


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