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If you know you want to pursue a career that you will love, but have been searching for HOW to break into this new life… Life on FIRE is the catapult out of that life and into a new life.

Life on FIRE solves the 3 big problems currently holding you back.

“I want a career in film so bad, but I don’t know where to start.”
“I’m constantly fighting with my own self-doubt. I’m afraid that if I truly go for it, I may not make it and that would crush me.”
“I’m so unfulfilled. I know there is more for me”.

Life on FIRE solves those hurdles:

FIRST, I’ll show you how to earn $1,000 per month in freelance income. These jobs pay well, are fun, and can fill in perfectly between your film shoots. That way you can leave 9-5 for good and transition into film.
SECOND, you’ll practice your ACTING every week, with the group during our Friday Acting Practice Calls.
THIRD, You’ll be invited to all our weekly A-list calls. Learn advanced strategies, watch Janet tell A-listers what to say and why on set. Hear about mistakes we make to avoid them yourself. Get motivated and build your confidence.
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Everything you pay towards Life on FIRE applied towards The A-list Program.
If you do A-list, it’s like Life on FIRE is free!

Background Work

Brand Ambassador Work

Entrepreneur Spirit

Life on FIRE is right for you if…

  • You are tired of not knowing what to do. You know you can do this… you just need the guidance to get there.
  • You want new ideas, new energy and new friends who are all about FILM.
  • You feel like you’re constantly fighting with your self-doubt. You want more income, more confidence, and more acting and film in your life NOW.
  • You want to leave your current job, and want a plan to safely move into a NEW career.
  • You want to start buying solid, lifelong connections to people who re successful.

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USD $299 per month

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What you’ll get in Life on FIRE:

Life on FIRE is designed to be the catalyst to a NEW LIFE.

It’s designed to get you what you need in income to leave your current job and go freelance full-time. It’s designed so you always have examples of success showing you that you can do it too.

You’ll never feel like you don’t know what to do. You’ll be with us, 3 days a week, working on the most important thing that will give you an amazing life — your film career.

You’ll learn how to create a consistent freelance income with our three main trainings that sets your career up for life, grow your connections, and kissing your 9-5 goodbye!


Combine your goals with Janet’s Career Acceleration Training and do in 1 year what takes others 10 years.

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You’re used to hearing, “Yeah right, you want to win an Oscar? Good luck with that.” Those people may mean well but ARE NOT IN THE BUSINESS.

Now you are getting into the business. It’s another ballgame. Use the Janet’s Career Acceleration goals to know you’re doing the right things, start doing those exact steps. Once you have clarity, you’ll be able to do it confidently!

Use our WEEKLY Accountability Calls to keep you on track. Instead of time slipping away, you are steadily moving forward.

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Earn $1K training is designed to help you with the dismal 9-5 world! Going freelance means that you make more money, work less days, and you choose your jobs. You’ll never get stuck in a job that is going nowhere again!

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This training shows you how to make an extra $1,000 per month. These jobs help build your resume for film work too! The extra income also makes it easy to do A-list!

I’ll show you how to get signed up with brand ambassador agencies. I’ll show you how to write a profile that gets you hired, take photos for your profile, and land these high-paying jobs that pay $200-300 per day.

You can work only 2-3 days a month and make $1000!

I will teach you how to get background work. I’ll show you how to find the agencies and sign up with them. I’ll show you how to find the local background companies so you don’t get fooled by the scams.

Finally I’ll show you other high-paying freelance jobs that are other A-listers have done. These jobs could be customer service, driving jobs, or jobs from home. They are highly flexible that are perfect to fill in between your film work.

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If anxiety, fear, procrastination has held you back in the past, and you’re sick of it… it’s time to change.This training will help you break the habit of self-doubt.

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This training helped me (Janet) overcome my stories of the past that kept me playing a smaller game. My income, relationships, happiness skyrocketed when I learned these simple methods. I want to share this training with you so you can apply it to yourself as you grow your career in film.

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Enroll in Life on FIRE now

The Life of FIRE Curriculum


Enroll in Life on FIRE now

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USD $299 per month

Enroll in Life on FIRE now

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Step 1:

You will receive your login to the step-by-step online training videos to get started immediately.

Step 2:

You’ll join Weekly Acting Calls with me and our Mentors where you can submit your questions so we can personally help you.

Live calls. Resumes. Communication skills. Email skills. Local resources. Overcoming Fear. Business Do’s and Don’ts. Using certain jobs and work as leverage for bigger jobs… It’s the best coaching value anywhere in the world.

You can cancel any time, but I know you won’t want to once you start using the tools and materials to build this life, with Janet and all of your A-list friends. You can’t half-finish a project that is your life!

Start the Journey of creating the life you’ve always wanted at a monthly payment of $299.

Enroll in FIRE now

Get Started Now.

USD $299 per month

Enroll in FIRE now

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