What Film School will never teach you: Be careful where you poop!

Some things just can’t be taught by film school or any school. Yesterday I asked the VTR guy what was the weirdest thing that’s ever happened during a film production.

Here’s what he said: They were shooting in a house and had turned the bedroom into a HUGE bathroom. It looked like a huge luxury bathroom with mirrors, cabinets, sinks and a toilet.

Upon arriving early, one of the crew members needed to relieve himself, and instead of going to the bathroom in the ‘small bathroom,’ he went for the ‘big bathroom.’ But it was a big FAKE bathroom. Oops. Well, he apparently noticed that the toilet was fake when he couldn’t flush it. So he just closed the cover.

As the day progressed and the lights were heating up the room, everyone was noticing a very rude smell – the Assistant Director (AD) says, “it smells like shit in here!”

He followed the scent to the toilet where they discovered some very offensive turds.

The AD asked “Who did this?” and the person with the very red face finally had to admit it. So they closed the lid and kept shooting much to everyone’s unhappiness.

But the real unhappiness came from the propmaster who had to clean out the toilet at the end of the day, who was apparently threw a fit and smashed the toilet after the hose he was using squirted some nasty residue in his eye.

Very unfortunate all around.


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