Film School vs No Film School vs Online Film School

After working on film sets in Ohio she began implementing what she learned to start getting on bigger projects in Hollywood like America’s Got Talent, Disney Fairy Tale Weddings and wielding a Chinese broad sword in the Dance Gavin Dance music video “Head Hunter”. Living proof that you do not need to go to film school, however, an online film school can help you bridge the gap from where you are now to a solid job in the industry.

She’s even worked on set with Terry Crews! You might have a Hollywood opportunity to wear many hats on set like Parker did working on this Walmart job with Terry. They kept changing the script so she started writing cue cards for Terry! As well as helping the 1st AD.

Working on set will teach you things that you will not learn at film school! The best way to learn any craft in the film industry is to actually be on set around that craft. Film school will teach you technical knowledge and may be a lot of fun if you can afford it. If you need to go in debt in order to go to film school then DON’T do it. It’s not worth it.

Film school is not necessary to work on movies. There are no academic requirements to work on set! No one actually cares if you have a degree or not. Having the right attitude and knowing the right people are the two big things that will get you working when there are job openings. Everything else, you will learn on set.

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