Looking to switch careers to entertainment industry?the time is now

If you don’t want the job you’re in now, or you’ve always loved the thought of working in the entertainment industry… Good timing. The entertainment industry is a $705 billion industry, expanding wildly with streaming media: Netflix, Warner Media, HBO & Disney.

Watch Friendsinfilm’s NEW training videos on how what jobs are hot, the pay, how to get experience, build your resume, and what to do to transition into the entertainment industry!

Here’s what you’ll learn in this training:

  • What’s the path to get into acting, voice-over, producing, camera, writing, editing or any creative job.
  • How to find entry-level jobs to start getting experience that leads to the higher pay creative jobs
  • What you NEED to focus on right now, first, second, third to make real progress in the next 2 months towards your PROFESSIONAL career.