Doing a job you don’t like?

If you feel like you are doing another job to make money, and you’re in a waiting pattern… to save up the money so you can go after your dreams, I want you to consider something.

I’d like you to consider that it’s all important!    Even right now when you’re not actively going after your dreams.

You are putting yourself in a better position to pursue your dreams.   This is huge.

When you look at people’s career path, and look at BEFORE they got into the industry, you’ll see some hard ass workers.

Film industry professionals respect that because the film industry IS hard work.

If you have worked hard before you came into the industry, even worked 2 or 3 jobs at once, people will respect that you know how to work, and they’ll consider that a plus.

If you come into this industry with “Oh I’ve been unemployed, you know how hard it is to get a job.” you will have no respect.

If you are doing a survival job now,  you are not wasting your time, in fact, your story begins now and it’s all important.

There are things that you cannot see, until you look back and say to yourself…”That was a good thing that I had that job.   It enabled me to do this.”

And you’ll even find people who will hire you BECAUSE you had that tough job and went through that tough time.   Hey, they can relate.   Isn’t that cool?

So, please know, if you are working at Walmart, if you are working at a restaurant, or answering phones, or doing construction, it’s GOOD.    It’s part of your story.   And work is never something to be sad about, you should realize it builds your character and makes you stronger.    And you have built in respect, with me, and others, as long as you’ve been working!

What are you doing now for your job?   Leave a comment and let me know!


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