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The new story of my life is that I am in a very good place right now meeting film people and awesome professionals. And I am confident now about how to deal with life and knowing I could actually be great doing it. After learning all Janet’s stuff I can say that whatever job I’m in I will definitely rock it. People see me a differently now and I get the respect.

FIF gives me a lot of advantages.

Before Friends in Film I was in private nursing, assisted medical professionals, did some office works for a short time, tried real estate. I sucked during those times.

I could not believe that I can actually work on film sets : ) because I was a lil shy and have no clue how to be in a film set. And I am an immigrant too so communicating would be a lil extra work for me since English is not my first language.

When i started as a PA and felt so proud of that moment! what the hell, im in :) And eventually I became a grip. Then you just keep learning. Assembling cameras, switching lenses I learned this all on the set. I work best as a grip but I loved doing AC work and I get paid now doing these things. And all of these happen in a couple of months doing film shoots.

Now I have a clear path and strategy to achieve a life that I always dreamed of. So much options to work with. I know good things are in store for me!

Paolo C.

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