Does this really work???

The old story of my life was of impending doom. It sucked! A year ago I’d completely five up. I had allowed myself to sink into an office job that wasn’t right for me. I let myself go physically and mentally. I had gained weight and had socially isolating depression. I felt a great sense of hopelessness. I felt like I should accept a shittry job and move on with my life of worldly misery.

Being someone who is known as a great story teller, it’s a matter of telling myself a different story-a better story. “Can’t” becomes “CAN.”

The new story of my life is one of success! I am known as an actor and director of both theater and film. The tricky part is, this self isn’t new at all. It’s who I’ve always been. I just no longer stop myself. My creativity has been unlocked!

It’s one of the greatest feeling in the world when another director tells you he would be your PA because you did such a great job as his!

Jarrod Z.
(Los Angeles, CA)

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